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This is a unique show for a unique tour! Enter the temple of the circus where, from the opening notes of the ‘Piste aux Étoiles’ overture, the grand Cirque d’Hiver orchestra, accompanied by the Salto Dancers, will transport you into a magical light extravaganza! If the circus is a celebration kingdom, the Wild Circus are kings. This performance will be an opportunity for you to share moments of happiness with both friends and family. There are just four magical words to start the celebrations: Let the show begin! Discover the Café des Artistes, enjoy the pre-show under the big top ... Festif is more than a show, it's an experience!

3 sideshows

Amazing Clown


No one in my family was related to the circus world, Christiana said, but my mother made a terrible mistake: she took me to the circus at the age of three. " To become a clown, she left his native Austria, traveled, learned the basics, observed and meant thanks to Charlie Chaplin, but also to Roncalli, Angelo Munoz ... "She has kept his soul as a child, she has just celebrated Its 25 years of work. Everything interests: "I did the Conservatory, I adore music. By turns mischievous, tender and facetious, Christiana triggers the laughter of young and old while remaining demanding. Her role, she does not take it lightly: "A clown does not put forth, but must at every performance, make the high-end."

Salto Dancers

Magic Ballet


A body of ballet on the track, that is the charm of the Wild Circus! Choreographies irreproachable and all in seduction allow punctuate the spectacle; They offer the public moments of grace when fauves, tamers, acrobats, squires, voltigeurs and clowns have left the track. It is a safe bet that the troupe brings, at every performance, many vocations!

Arta Snosowski

Terrifying Fawns


After her very first issue presented at 19, Arta Snosowski decides to devote herself to dressage. "These animals are all my life". And that's all right. Her method is based on understanding the animal from an early age and studying her behavior and character. In her approach to the wild beasts, there is no place for stress or apprehension. Just love and respect for sharing. One is seized by the complicity and the perfect osmosis that unite the trainer and its beasts. No time out! One feels that she plays and dances with her 5 tigers, 2 lions and 2 ligons, born of the union of a tigress and a lion.

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